Congratulations Dr. Romanò

Cecilia defended her PhD thesis on Oct Friday 13th Ghost on Google Android 8.0 and despite superstitions she passed her viva voce examination with flying colours!

Her thesis title was “Synthesis of fluoro- and seleno-labelled carbohydrate structures as tools for elucidation of glycan-lectin interactions” and her examination panel consisted of Prof. Carlo Unverzagt (University of Bayreuth), Dr. Marina Rubini (UCD), and Dr. Eoghan McGarrigle (UCD).

Well done Cecilia! Graduation Cap on Facebook 2.2

Cecilia PhD



RSC Carbohydrate Meeting in Dublin

In September the group attended the 2017 RSC Carbohydrate Group Meeting, a two-day conference with plenty of contributions from the glyco-research of both academia and industry. The meeting featured a plenary lecture from Prof. Carmen Galan, which was awarded the 2017 RSC Carbohydrate Prize.

Cecilia presented her work on “Fluorinated carbohydrates as tools for the elucidation of glycan-galectin interactions” at the Young Investigators Session and was awarded the 2017 JG Buchanan Prize for best early stage researcher talk.

The rest of the group contributed with poster presentation and Orla was awarded one of the two poster prizes of the meeting.

Well done Cecilia and Orla! Party Popper on Google Android 8.0Party Popper on Google Android 8.0Party Popper on Google Android 8.0


Ph Credits: Prof. Bruce Turnbull @CarbGroupUK


19th EUROCARB Conference

Three representatives of the Oscarson Group have returned from their travels to the 19th EUROCARB Conference in Barcelona. The conference took place from the 2nd to the 6th of July, and featured talks from the broad carbohydrate research community. Among many of the excellent speakers, we had the opportunity to hear talks by Prof. Boons, Prof. Codee, Prof. Unverzagt,  and Prof. Jimenez-Barbero.

They particularly liked Prof. Boons outreach video Movie Camera on Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5 …make sure to check it out!

At the conference, Orla, Cecilia and Conor had the opportunity to present their work, with all three presenting posters. Orla also gave a Flash Presentation of her most recent results.


Our posters at the 19th EUROCARB


In their free time, Orla, Cecilia, and Conor got to take in the sites and sounds of the beautiful city of Barcelona… and a little bit of sunshine too! Sun With Face on Messenger 1.0Sun With Face on Messenger 1.0


Arrivederci Marika :'(

With great sadness, we had to say goodbye to the lovely Marika this week. After two fun-filled years in the lab she is off on her next adventure to the beautiful city of Milan to work with Prof. Anna Bernardi.

While we are sad to see her go, we wish her the very best of luck with her new position and look forward to seeing her present her new amazing research at future carbohydrate conferences.

Slán go fóill!!!


Goodbye… and Welcome!

Last month we said goodbye to Taigh and Lara. Taigh is now off to a new job in South Africa, while Lara returned to Konstanz to start her Master thesis.

Good luck to both of them from the Oscarson Group!


While we had to say goodbye to Lara and Taigh,  two new post-docs have arrived in the group: Dr. Dong Yang and Dr. Ziga Ude. Welcome!


Welcome Clotilde and Lara!


Last month we welcomed Clotilde and Lara to the team. Clotilde is our newest post-doc and will be working on the synthesis of carbohydrate–based vaccines against Cryptococcus neoformans, while Lara is a visiting Master student hoping to expand upon her knowledge of carbohydrate chemistry.

We welcome both of them and we hope they have fun working with us!